Our Legacy

Kirsten Peaslee - Our Legacy

We are continuing the legacy of our founder Kirsten Peaslee who passed away after a short illness in April, 2023. Not only was she a wonderful mother, a good friend, and an incredibly charismatic busy bee, she had a kind heart, a deep faith and cared about her community.

In response to her experience guiding her parents through the aging process PIECES was born.  As with most of our clients, Kirsten started off trying to learn how to best support and care for aging parents with no one to help her.  At the time, she was successful entrepreneur and she was busy with her professional life.  As her parents aged, she exited her previous business and was able to dedicate more time to her parent’s care.  She and her husband wanted to hire a service to help with the overall coordination of care and could not find that kind of assistance.

After struggling through the process of caring for her elderly parents, doing all the research and having no one to guide her, Kirsten made it her mission to ensure that there was help available to those families with similar needs. She wanted to provide a service to those who were struggling the same way she did but limit the confusion and stress. Kirsten learned that having someone who knows about elder care is incredibly helpful.

Through her dedication she aimed to create a roadmap to care planning and care management. There needed to be a set course of action to deal with the crisis at hand. There needed to be a way to have a plan for what we see coming and for the times we cannot predict.  Most importantly, there needed to be some person to do all the research and scheduling for people while they were in crisis. PIECES was born with these needs in mind.  Let us build a Roadmap for those who don’t know where to start.