Finding Senior Living

Find the Perfect Senior Living Community for you

Finding the right community for you can be hard – let PIECES do the research for you!

Our intake process includes a detailed interview about you, your story, your health, and your wishes. Each detail is important not only to tell us who you are but what kind of life you lead. We then take this information and compare it to the list of communities we work with to find the best fit for you. As this can be a delicate time, we understand that you need to feel confident with where you are going to live.

We have a list of care communities we work with, and we will find the best fit for you. We look into each community in detail and find out everything we can about their culture, their care levels and their amenities. PIECES will then go on tours of these communities with you to assure that we are doing our best to fit your needs. This can not only help us hone our process and know more about the communities, but we can help you ask the questions you may not have thought about on the tour.

Senior Living
Senior Living

What we consider

  • Level of Care Needed
  • Close to Your Current Home
  • Cultural and Religious Needs
  • Dietary Needs
  • Your Budget
  • What is important to you

    Who we work with

    • Independent Living Communities
    • Assisted Living Communities
    • Group Homes
    • Memory Care
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Skilled Nursing Centers

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