Our Team

Our team is full of people who embody our CARE values and just want to help those around them.

Caring hearts – We care about our clients and their families. We look to help our clients for as long as they need.


Accountability- While helping our clients, we are being let into their lives and told very private information. We keep ourselves accountable by following HIPPA guidelines as well as the common courtesy of not sharing our clients’ private lives with anyone who does not need to know.


Responsibility – Helping someone in a difficult time is a large responsibility we do not take for granted. Each client situation should be handled with care and understanding.


Everyone is unique – Each person we help has their own story and their own life; we take that into account when finding the best plan for our clients. We are here to listen to our clients’ needs.

Our Team

Jesica Thomas (Jesi)

“I just like helping people – making sure they are happy and healthy.”

With the plan of helping people, Jesi graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. Since then, she has worked in a variety of fields but couldn’t find the right fit. During college she worked as a certified nurse assistant (CNA) in a rehabilitation facility giving her true insight into the world of elder care. She later worked in healthcare again, but this time on the administrative side. This job taught her a lot about how healthcare works and where there are gaps in care exist. Working the front desk at a doctor’s office was not bridging the gaps in care that she saw.

When PIECES founder, Kirsten Peaslee, passed away in April of 2023, there came an opportunity to help the community by keeping Kirsten’s legacy alive. Though brought on by unfortunate circumstances, Jesi decided to take on the role of growing PIECES to its full potential. Working with people, hearing their stories and making sure they are happy, healthy and organized is the perfect fit. Jesi prides herself on her communication and organizational skills. She loves the fact that her job as a care manager exercises both of those skills and helps people along the way!


Jesi has been to over 25 countries around the world due to her early life travels with her family. She lived in Switzerland and Singapore until she moved back to the USA when she was 19.